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Beauty Tips for Skin & Hair | Hair Mask

Summer time is here! 

Okay, now here comes all the worries of dealing with oily hair, as the weather has once again shifted into a new season which leads to a need of change in our regimens. Hair is a precious beauty asset that demands special care. So why not get started by adding some of these simple masks to our regimen that will help you maintain healthy looking hair, even in the warm season? 

Whether you have naturally oily hair or it reacts to this season, this post is here to help you. 

Why does our hair tend to become so oily and unattractive? Most of the time it is simply caused by frequent exposure to dust and dirt and/or overactive oil glands. Even over brushing can be the culprit, so if you are one that always wants every hair in a specific place, try to cut down on using a brush, if possible. This specific hair type requires proper washing regularly because it not, it make your hair appear greasy and dull, which I am pretty sure nobody wants.   Yogurt Egg Mask:

If you were to …