The Benefits of Coconut Oil | Advantages of Coconut Oil

Natural Beauty Article: The Benefits of Coconut Oil If you are anything like me having a million different bottles of beauty products overflowing on your vanity can be a pain, downsizing your beauty clutter may sound ideal, but who wants to risk sacrificing radiant skin and silky hair for a little organization? Fortunately there is a single item that can replace a handful of those products and better yet, it is one hundred percent natural: coconut oil. I have compiled ten ways for you to skip the beauty middle-man (and harsh chemicals) and create a brand new beauty routine centered around coconut oil. 1: It is a top quality moisturizer. Coconut oil has a high moisture retaining capacity, which acts as an excellent source to fight dry skin. Make a moisturizing body scrub by blending coconut oil with sugar. 2 : Helps in the battle of aging. Wrinkle- free yes, please. 3 : Coconut oil is one of the best oils for removing your makeup. It is perfect for removing stubb

Simply Honey | Benefits of Honey

Simple yet effective is what I like to call this mask. The benefits of doing this mask are endless. Here are a few results you can expect to see:                                   Naturally moisturizes skin          Tones skin giving it a healthy glow  Rejuvenating  Fades red marks and lightens scars   Heals skin faster  Eliminates wrinkles and fine lines   Treats and prevents acne Here's how to do it:  Take half a tablespoon of honey and put it in a bowl and heat it for fifteen seconds. Apply the honey to your skin. Try to resist the temptation to lick the honey off your face and leave this mask on fifteen minutes. Rinse the mask off with warm water, pat dry and apply your moisturizer. That is all there is to it!

Pumpkins in all of their glory | Bringing Fall into your beauty routine

The fall season is upon us and Thanksgiving is right around the corner and everyone is now making plans and preparing their bellies for the amount of food they are going to eat. On a more serious note, however, with this time of the year the weather is changing and so must our beauty regimen in order to keep our skin in top condition. Cold weather leaves your skin feeling parched and dull. Fortunately for us, this fall season is not only good for decorating our houses with pumpkins but these vitamin packed mega squashes can protect our delicate skin from premature again, clogged pores, and an uneven complexion. Pumpkins are enriched with many vitamins and anti-oxidants that can boost the elasticity of our skin. So after carving those pumpkins don't throw out all the puree instead we are going to put it to good use. So, to keep with the holiday theme, here are scrubs and masks to keep every area of our body hydrated an